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Hello Dear Technology Lovers! We have good news for you! We are now preparing to introduce you to a revolution in the world of entertainment. Our SpaceX device is at the door with its incredible features and innovative design!

Our SpaceX is not just a piece of technology, it’s a work of home entertainment art! Thanks to its 4K UHD media streamer, you’ll be able to see every detail crystal clear. This amazing device combines high performance and speed with 2GB DDR3 memory, giving you instant access to your favourite content.

Thanks to the Android 11 operating system, the SpaceX device will provide you with a user-friendly interface just like your smartphone, giving you an experience like you’ve never had before. AV1 Video Decoder and HDR 10+ support will take the content you watch one step further, allowing you to experience colours more vividly and details more clearly.

The 16 GB storage space of our SpaceX device will allow you to create a large content archive, while the 100 M Gigabit Lan and Bluetooth features will allow you to seamlessly integrate your device with your other technological devices.

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