Dear Gloriaforce Users,

As you know, we have terminated our old brand OpticSTB and announced to you that we will continue on our way0 with Gloriaforce, a global brand.

The old name of our models such as OpticSTB GT-X, Prime, and Crime was updated as Gloriaforce GT-X, Prime, and Crime with the change of brand and patent also introducing the new RTX Family UNO, DUO, EXPLORE & ZERO includes latest and fastest processors and technology with Appforce II.

We have noticed that some malicious people are trying to sell a copy of our GT-X Duo using our old name OpticSTB. Necessary legal proceedings continue with our company’s lawyers.

We do not currently sell any products under the name OpticSTB, all of our products are offered for sale under the name of GloriaForce.

Our products are constantly updated with their software and graphics team. If you buy copy devices from such malicious people, unfortunately, there is nothing our company can do against financial losses that may occur as a result of out-of-date software and copy device. As we are the real and sole owners of this business, please do not trust such people.Note: No software OTA Updates for fake Boxes.

Contact us on our only official website:

Our Current Product List:

GloriaForce Crime

GloriaForce Crime Pro

GloriaForce Prime Expanded

GloriaForce GT-X Golden Zero

GloriaForce GT-X Uno

GloriaForce GT-X Duo

GloriaForce RTX Explore

GloriaForce RTX Zero

GloriaForce RTX Duo

GloriaForce RTX Uno