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For better and more detailed Android TV Box guidance, you can visit our YouTube Page (gloriaforce) and clear your all doubts with the YouTube guide.

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    Bill Payment Details

    For all of your online bill payment questions, contact Gloria Force customer service. The website and helpline provide answers to all of your billing and account-related questions about Android TV. This includes privacy standards, various policies and guidelines, your account information, and online bill payment options for the Android TV box.

    Make your life easier by storing all of your bill payment information in one location. You can even set up an auto-pay system to avoid forgetting and missing your payments.

    • Pay your bills
    • Change your password
    • Set up automatic payments
    • Control your account

    Get The GloriaForce Service You Deserve

    As part of GloriaForce’s customer support and accessibility commitment, you will be entertained with premium level services with 24/7 support so there is a complete delivery of cinematic streaming quality.
    • Create your subscription
    • A flexible agreement to change services
    • COVID-19 response that is proactive
    • Reps with skill and experience
    • Quick solutions to service issues

    Timely updates for enhancing the streaming quality

    Create a ticket For a Quick and Smooth Call

    Experience a high-quality response to your requests by the GloriaForce ticketing system that makes our customer service team even more efficient by creating, managing, and maintaining lists of your issues without the need for a full-fledged call center.

    • Organize large numbers of requests in a centralized model
    • Maintain Excellent Customer Service
    • Better Customer Communication


    How do I fix issues with my Android TV Box?
    • First, make sure you have a working internet connection.
    • Check the speed of your internet connection. The internet speed must be greater than 25 Mbps.
    How do I get my Android box up and running?

    Plug in the power cable. Turn on the box. Connect to a Wi-Fi or LAN cable, and the box will work.

    Can an Android TV Box work on any TV?

    Yes, it works on any TV as long as you have an HDMI cable.

    Is there a monthly fee for an Android Box?

    No, there is no monthly fee for the Android Box.

    Is Netflix free on Android TV Boxes?

    You will get a free 30-day trial if you haven't used Netflix before. After that, you will need a subscription.

    How can I pay for Android TV?

    Contact our nearest dealer in your area or pay online.

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