Enjoy the Perks of
Smooth Streaming

We want you to experience your TV like never before and immerse yourself in the details with the breathtaking technology of HDR10+.

Experience the Highlights

Uninterrupted TV, We deliver a chill and pure enjoyment package for your TV lounge.

Versatile Powerful

Go with Comfort and Luxury

RTX DUO and its revolutionary BT RCU Remote Control, making navigation effortless and intuitive.

Go with Comfort and Luxury

RTX DUO and its revolutionary BT RCU Remote Control, making navigation effortless and intuitive.

Unbox the Cinematic Experience
with RTX DUO

Looking for a solution to enjoy your favorite shows with stunning quality and vibrant details? Our RTX DUO, a powerhouse for ultimate entertainment, provides an unparalleled experience with your TV. The exceptional HDR 10+ picture quality and privilege of having Andriod 11 technology make it the best choice for your TV time. Moreover, it has 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64 GB storage, and 2.5G + 5G REALTEK wifi, which puts you directly in the heart of entertainment.


Operating System




64GB Storage







Where Homescreen Meets Excellence

Home launcher, designed to streamline your experience and put everything at your fingertips. With intuitive navigation and customizable widgets, managing your apps, entertainment, and smart home devices has never been easier.

Where Your
Media Player

Don’t Settle for Ordinary: Choose
Splendered Visuals

RTX DUO goes beyond the basic streaming allowing the user to experience high-quality HDR10+ entertainment. With the brilliance of HDR quality, we enable the user to experience the world of breathtaking colors with increased depth and detail. Watch every scene bursting with life and expanded color spectrum.

Get Effortless Access
to all the options
with an immersive
user experience

Simplify your entertainment setup with:

  • An intuitive Android Box for accessing diverse apps and content.
  • Seamless HDMI connectivity between your TV Box and display.
  • Reliable power plug to keep your TV Box running.
  • Versatile Bluetooth Remote Control (BT RCU) for effortless TV Box control.
rtx duo gift box

Essential Accessories Included

Gloriaforce RTX DUO includes a smart Andriod TV box, HDMI cable, power plug, and BT RCU Remote Control, a complete package of a premium experience.
You can see all the features of the RTX Duo Android box.

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Bluetooth Remote Control: Control Your Android Box Effortlessly

With our BT RCU, forget the line-of-sight struggle
with advanced Bluetooth technology. We designed
the most versatile remote control to enhance your comfort.

  • Convenient: Easy to use.

  • Reliable: Ensures easy operation.

  • Bluetooth Remote Control (BT RCU) doesn't create a sound with every button click.


Do I have to pay any extra fees for the GloriaForce RTX DUO Android Box?

No, the GloriaForce RTX DUO Android Box has no additional costs.

Can I access the Google Play Store on the RTX DUO Android 11 TV Box?

Yes, the RTX DUO Android 11 TV Box has the Google Play Store installed.

What is the Android version of the RTX DUO Android TV Box?

The RTX DUO Android TV Box runs on the latest Android 11 OS.