Dear Valued GloriaForce Users,​

As you are aware, we have bid farewell to our former brand, OpticSTB, and embarked on an exciting journey forward with GloriaForce a global brand that reflects our vision for the future.

With this evolution, we've updated the names of our renowned models. The OpticSTB GT-X, Prime, and Crime are now the GloriaForce GT-X, Prime, and Crime respectively. But that's not all, we're thrilled to introduce our new RTX Family: UNO, DUO, EXPLORE, and ZERO. These cutting-edge models boast the latest and fastest processors, seamlessly integrated with the innovative Appforce II technology.

Regrettably, we've become aware of unscrupulous individuals attempting to market imitation versions of our GT-X Duo, using our former OpticSTB name. Please rest assured that our legal team is actively pursuing necessary actions against such infringements.

It's important to note that we no longer offer any products under the OpticSTB name. All our exceptional offerings are exclusively available under the GloriaForce brand.

Our dedicated software and graphics teams work tirelessly to provide consistent updates for our products. Regrettably, devices acquired from these malicious sources will not benefit from our latest software updates, potentially resulting in financial losses. As the rightful and sole proprietors of this enterprise, we implore you not to place your trust in these fraudulent entities. Please be aware: fake boxes will not receive any software OTA updates.

For reliable and authentic transactions, please connect with us only through our official website: Here's a glimpse of our current product lineup:

  • GloriaForce Crime
  • GloriaForce Crime Pro
  • GloriaForce Prime Expanded
  • GloriaForce GT-X Golden Zero
  • GloriaForce GT-X Uno
  • GloriaForce GT-X Duo
  • GloriaForce RTX Explore
  • GloriaForce RTX Zero
  • GloriaForce RTX Duo
  • GloriaForce RTX Uno
  • GloriaForce RTX Empire
  • GloriaForce RTX Quattro
We appreciate your continued support and assure you that our dedication to providing
unparalleled entertainment experiences remains unwavering. For any inquiries,
trust only the official GloriaForce channels.