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Exciting News on Latest Official Updates

Dear users,

We have some fantastic news to share with you! We are thrilled to announce new updates aimed at further enhancing our platform and elevating your user experience. Here are the latest enhancements we’ve prepared just for you:

1. Smart Grouping Functionality

We now have the Smart Grouping feature for Live TV, Movies, and TV Series! This feature allows for smarter grouping of content in both stalker and m3u playlists.

2. Change ID Option

Responding to user requests, we’ve added the option to change IDs, making content management much more convenient.

3. Network Options

We’re introducing network options in the settings section to provide a better user experience.

4. DRILL Stream URL Function

The ability to manage DRILL stream URL function is now available in the settings preferences.

5. EPG On/Off Function

You can now toggle the EPG on or off via the settings preferences.

6. Enabling Modern Strategy in M3U Live TV

The option to enable modern strategy is now present in the M3U Live TV settings.

7. Player Retry Functionality

Enhancements have been made to the player retry functionality for a more efficient experience.

8. Audio Track, Subtitles, and Screen Size Options in Live TV

Users can now manage audio tracks, subtitles, and screen sizes in live TV.

9. Fix for “&” Button on Keyboards

The issue with the “&” button on keyboards has been resolved.

10. Improvements in Live TV, Movies, and TV Series Players

Players for live TV, movies, and TV series have been improved based on user feedback.

11. Enhancements in Premium and Modern Sections

Improvements in the premium and modern sections allow for easier access to content.

12. Translation of New Words Added

Translations for new words have been added, expanding language options for better user understanding.

13. Multi-Language EULA

A multi-language End-User License Agreement (EULA) has been included for easier access to information.

14. General Bug Fixes

Finally, general bug fixes have been implemented to stabilize our platform.

With these updates, our platform has become more functional and user-friendly. For more details and a usage guide, please visit our help page. We thank you, our valued users, for your support, and we’re eager to bring more updates to you soon!

Happy viewing!

Best regards,

GloriaForce Team