Was ist AV1? Warum muss Ihre nächste Android-TV-Box AV1 unterstützen?

Nowadays, everyone is switching to Android TV Box as it completely changes the entertainment perspective with its long list of benefits. You can watch your favorite content in crystal clear quality with the seamless addition of ultimate dynamic sound. It diminishes the concept of entertainment taste and widens it by facilitating the viewers with hundreds of thousands of content. You can get an unlimited catalog of interesting movies, TV shows, and sports as well. It ensures that there is no stuttering and buffering while watching any TV program. Some Android Boxes like GloriaForce Android TV Boxes are equipped with extraordinary features that stream the show incredibly with the delivery of brighter colors. Have you ever thought about the reason behind the glorious picture stream through Android Box? Ok, let me tell you. Android Box shows its magical wonders with the help of its exceptional features. The processor of any Android Box is mainly responsible for its functionality. Like GloriaForce designed their devices with advanced Processors which double the streaming enjoyment. The sufficient ROM (Internal Storage) allows the user to store their important data in it without considering the limit. The highly efficient RAM processes every piece of information within a second. It means your favorite content is in front of you right after scrolling and clicking on the Remote control unit (RCU). Moreover, you can become your entertainment boss by having a complete hold on your streaming by using the pause, rewind, and recording option. It is not only amazing in its features but also has a versatile look. With its minimalistic design, you can enhance your interiors effortlessly. In short, the brand has focused on every little detail that makes you think about the intelligence behind its production. How wonderful is that!

Introduction to AV1 Coding:

Not only this but with time many companies are innovating their devices including one of the most popular brands GloriaForce. Now you can enjoy the latest AV1 technology in Android TV Boxes like GT-X UNO, RTX ZERO, RTX UNO., which improves the overall streaming even more than before. AV1 Decoding is known as AOMedia Video 1, which is an open and royalty-free video coding format. It is uniquely designed for video transmission on the internet. The renowned AOMedia or Alliance for Open Media to replace the VP9 in 2015 introduced this advanced technology. Not only AOMedia but there is a contribution from the software development companies, VOD suppliers, and various producers that deal with video content.

What the status of AV1 is in today’s world:

If we talk about the current status of AV1, it is getting a lot of support in today’s world. Because it is supported by most used web browsers i.e. Firefox and Chrome. Not only these browsers, but also YouTube is helping a lot to promote it by having its usage tutorials with all the related information. Here’s an important point to consider: AV1 decoding is still in its testing period and after the completion of this phase it can be perfect for any hardware and operating system. However, many companies are still utilizing it as they found it worthy.  But we cannot deny the reality that is not as much adopted as it is popular and beneficial. There’s a more chance of its increase in popularity from March 31 as Google made it necessary to have AV1 coding to efficiently support Android TV Boxes.

Which one is better? AV1 or HEVC

If we talk about which one is better among both, many points should be considered: AV1 coding is a royalty-free standard that facilitates the users with brilliant performance while HEVC is expensive as well as vague.  In terms of decoding and encoding efficiency, HEVC is less effective and AV1 offers 30% more efficiency. Because it allows the distributors to provide stable streams at an affordable rate with an average of 55% bitrate. If you want to enjoy a dynamic picture quality then AV1 technology is best in this regard. Because it is far better than HEVC in terms of compression efficiency.  All the good names in the technology industry like Samsung, iPhone, LG, and Apple iPad are designed with built-in HEVC features. Not only on mobile phones, but you can also enjoy this codec in high-quality smart TVs including Samsung and Sony. Moreover, HEVC is also supported by some advanced software, which becomes more incredible in usage than before. No doubt, HEVC is supported by many software and web browsers. But don't forget that AV1 is 30% more efficient than HEVC. It will show wonders right after completing its testing phase.


Make your devices more updated by getting hands-on Android TV Boxes having AV1 Technology and get set to enjoy the whole new world of features.

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