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Pons and cons of an Android TV Box vs a Smart TV

Like the earlier times, today's entertainment is not limited to the old boring drama serials on television or classical songs on the radio. The technical world has revolutionized a lot, especially in the field of entertainment. Moreover, experts are continuously working on other things to become more advanced to better match the requirements of future life. But still, many people love to enjoy their old memories with their favorite classical songs and a cup of tea. For this, OTT (Over-the-top) platforms solve problems and become a good source of entertainment for people of all ages. If we talk about the 90s, people have limited content choices with completely dead streaming quality.

Introduction to Android TV Box:

In case you’re not aware of Android Boxes, we will help you to get a piece of basic knowledge. An Android TV Box is a set-top box that allows the user to watch hundreds of thousands of Ultra HD content. It mainly includes movies, series, sports, and on-demand channels with the delivery of thrilling sound that brings a vibe to another world. It allows the user to store their important document in its sufficient ROM. For this, you don’t have to buy a big expensive screen but make sure you have a good internet connection and your TV must be Android OS supported. An Android TV Box entertains its users in different sizes, shapes, and most importantly different features. Some common brand boxes offer limited features. GloriaForce Android TV Boxes is one of the top brands having spectacular features in all their models available on the market or online. They transform the regular viewing into an amazing one. According to a huge customer following, every user gets incredible OTT platform shows as well as network shows.

Browse the Web

A good Android TV Box with all the essential features will easily take the place of a computer as it allows direct access to the internet and your TV will perform as a monitor or screen of a computer. There’s a misperception that an Android TV Box is only good for crystal-clear content streaming. But the reality is the opposite. You can also browse the web from your TV over the internet.

Availability of streaming services

As we have already mentioned, an Android TV Box is just an advanced form of an Android TV. It allows you to have all the latest features of Android TV on your old TV. If we make it clearer, you will be entertained with highly demanded streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. You can enjoy your weekend night and can bring the cinematic vibe easily with your old TV.

Cons of an Android TV Box

Requires a good Processor for Efficient Working

An android box generally works slower than a smart TV. Because they are designed with a slower processor, which as result takes time to load applications. But now there are many brands including GloriaForce that are continuously introducing Android TV Boxes with highly- efficient Processors that process the information in a blink of an eye.

Charges a small amount

Nothing comes free of cost and you have to accept the fact that the companies that are devoting their time and efforts deserve their return. For this, they charge a small amount as a subscription fee for some applications and premium channels. However, the packages are affordable and can be afforded by anyone.

Feel the power of 4K UHD pictures with all the latest features of Android Box in Android TV Box and make your entertainment more impressive.