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Why Selecting Premium Addons?

  • This is a Bullet List with Lottie Animations.
  • Created using Elementor and Premium Addons.
  • Lottie makes it more eye-catching than the icon list.
  • Design with Premium Bullet List Elementor Widget.

Works With..

All Elementor Elements Even the Elements Inside Each Widget!

Floating Effects Elementor Global Feature that comes from Premium Addons for Elementor Free Plugin could be added to any Elementor widget including Elementor Sections, Inner-Sections, or even Elementor Columns. In addition, it could be added to the Elements inside each Elementor widget using the Custom CSS Selector which is smartly available in this Global Feature. Get PA PRO Now and give it a try!

It Can be Applied to..

  • check-mark.png
    Any Elementor Widget
  • check-mark.png
    Elementor Sections
  • check-mark.png
    Elementor Inner-Sections
  • check-mark.png
    Elementor Columns