Android 9.0

Discover The 4K Ultimate video Clarity With RTX Uno​

TV Box Android 9.0 With 4K Streaming​

Get your hands on the latest TV Box Android 9.0 generation with the hard-to-believe picture quality of 4K, superior color display with cinematic sound, and join the path for a winning streaming experience with RTX UNO Android TV Box. With the powerful features of RTX UNO Android 9.0 TV Box including Android Pie (Android 9.0), the delivery of the ultimate clear picture all around you becomes possible.

Smart Android 9.0 TV Box​​

Find your faves fast with Android 9.0 built-in applications including AppForce II, Google Play store, YouTube, and Google Chrome with RTX UNO TV Streaming Apps. Scroll and click on the curated list of UHD content and bring the cinema home. Download billions of amazing Android TV Apps, Games and keep yourself updated with the action in games, sports, and also movies on Android 9.0 TV Apps.​


Our Features

Stunning UHD features in an Android TV Box with a slim slate design, allowing your TV Box to emerge with every kind of interior providing a sophisticated look.


Storage and RAM

The GloriaForce RTX Uno comes with a whopping 16 Gigabytes of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. Explore millions of movies, series, and video-on-demand (VOD) content.


Android TV 4K

The Android TV Box RTX Uno is all set to pull and push a curated list of unlimited content in adaptive picture quality with a captivating viewing experience.


Attractive Design

Stunning UHD features in an Android smart TV Box with a slim slate design, allowing your box to emerge with every kind of interior providing a sophisticated look.


AppForce II

With an AppForce II application and four times more pixel accuracy than ordinary HD, you can feel the full artistic intent of the Android Box TV and keep a sharp eye on every.


Operating System

With the latest OS update of Android 11 in the Android TV Box, transform yourself from ordinary into extraordinary with scoped storage, one-time App-permission.


RTX UNO Android TV 4K Streaming​

An immersive viewing experience with flawless textures of TV Streaming Apps, experience impeccable details with attractive bright colors, no matter what time of day you’re watching your desired content on Android 9.0.​

  • Breathtaking sound quality
  • Millions of amazing content options
  • Highly-efficient RAM with sufficient ROM
  • Attractive bright color MultiScreens
  • Live TV channel on RTX UNO
  • Powerful Android 9.0 operating system.

Our Specification

View your favorite movie or series with double enjoyment and experience the highly admirable specifications of TV Box Android 9.0 providing true-to-life content details.



Amlogic S905 X3 Quad-Core processor


16 GB Storage

16 GB internal storage is the best storage of the best device.


Android 9.0

Android 9.0 TV Box is the best device to be using.


4K HDR10+

TV will be compatible with the most widely available 4K.


AppForce II

AppForce II that open the doors towards a new world.



2GB DDR3 RAM supported storage memory.


5G Band Wifi

2.4/5g Dual Band Wifi is stronger and large range.


H.265 HEVC

265 is newer and more advanced than


Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth support is connection for anyonther devices.


HDMI Latest 2.0

The all-in-one digital connection has created.


Megabit Lan

100M Megabit Lan

RTX UNO Design and Accessories

Feel your presence right in the middle of the action with GloriaForce amazing Accessories including the Android TV Remote App comes with the Android Box itself for bringing true authenticity so that you can experience more life-like colors. Connect your speakers with HDMI Cable, click on your favorite show with Android TV Remote and feel every scene from the comfort of your couch. GloriaForce has designed its exceptional RTX UNO Android 9.0 model in a thin profile with a sophisticated upper surface that won’t go unnoticed.


You can see all the features of the RTX Uno Android box.



GloriaForce RTX UNO Android TV Box is uniquely designed with the powerful Android 9.0 Operating System.

No, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee for RTX UNO.

You can download different Apps and games in RTX UNO Android TV Box from Google Play Store.

View your favorite movie or series with double enjoyment and experience the highly admirable specifications of TV Box Android 9.0 providing true-to-life content details