Gloriaforce Recording Features

Recording Features

With the introduction of GloriaForce’s Android TV Box, people got real enjoyment of UHD streaming and recording features. It facilitates them with the true meaning of entertainment in a clear crystal picture. The thrilling sound quality doubles the content enjoyment as it tracks the object with motion. There’s a complete environment of cinema at home.  Our Android Boxes like the GT-X Golden Zero or RTX Family diminish the concept of a fixed watching schedule. They offer a curated list of rich and deeper content that can be played at any time according to the viewer’s entertainment mood. 

Not only this, the highly-sufficient internal storage of TV Boxes allows the users to save their useful data along with their favorite content for a long period. Viewers don’t have to stare at their TV screens for a long time. Because it processes the instructions very quickly with the help of sufficient ROM. So that you can play around with thousands of newly downloaded or preinstalled Apps

1. A Complete Premium Package:

Moreover, you can experience another world of true authenticity with all the stunning extras that come with our TV Boxes. These accessories mainly include an HDMI cable for supporting dynamic sound, USB Ports, Power Adapter, and last but not least an advanced RCU. You can pair your smartphones with it or can utilize the benefits of USB and other external storage devices.

Let us tell you one more amazing feature about our Android Boxes. GloriaForce wants to keep its customers updated with all the new and latest innovations. So that you can keep pace with technology. For this, our Android TV Boxes are designed uniquely with the recording features which means you can record your favorite program for later watch.

2. What is Recording Live TV Feature?

Recording allows you to record the episode of a particular program or the entire series as our Android TV Boxes have built-in recording features in their programming. So that you can easily follow your work schedule without missing your favorite show. Moreover, you can rewind and pause the TV program and watch the missed part. With this high-end feature, you can enjoy your content according to your mood and convenience. You don’t have to disturb your content due to irritating advertisements as they can be rewound anytime you want.

3. Points to be considered before Recording features :

Here are some important points that one should consider before recording their most awaited shows. So that he or she can get the most out of the Android TV Box.

  • Disk Storage
  • External Storage Devices
  • Programs that can be a record

i) Disk Storage

Storage is the most important specification that plays an integral role while recording TV Programs. Many common Android Boxes do not support the Recording Features of multiple programs. But GloriaForce Android TV Boxes come with highly efficient internal storage that allows you to record as many programs as you want. You can easily record the whole season without considering the memory limit. It means you are all set to enjoy your TV shows with an immersive experience.

ii) External Storage Devices

When it comes to recording features and saving various large seasons, you must need an External Storage Device and for this GloriaForce’s Android Boxes has a USB Port that allows you to attach a USB and record a sufficient limit of content. In other words, you don’t have to spend your money on buying these external devices separately as they come with the TV-Box itself.

iii) Program That Can Be Record

You can record any TV show whether it’s a sports program, series, Movie, or Live channel but don’t forget that some Applications including Netflix, HULU, or YouTube prohibit you from content recording.

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