Gloriaforce Live Timeshift Feature

Timeshift Introduction

Over the time, technology has dramatically changed the situation all over the world. There’s a glimpse of advancement in everything like Live Timeshift. It has made all of us addicted and that’s why we can’t even imagine a single day without it. Because technology has brought a lot of ease to our lives. Let’s take the example of televisions. In the past, when we talk about television, there was only one concept of black and white content with irritating buffering and stuttering issues that ruined the overall entertainment mood of the viewer. Not only this, the cheap sound quality makes it nearly impossible to understand the dialogues of programs. 

People were bound to view their favorite shows at a particular time because there was no option available for them to access the program at some other time. It means, in case of any important work, they had two choices. The first one is to leave the work for a show or miss the show for work. Moreover, few TV shows were repeatedly streamed on the channels. All of these issues urged people to avoid television streaming.

But now the concept of content streaming has changed completely with the introduction of GloriaForce Android Boxes. We join the market competition with highly incredible GT-X Family (GT-X UNO, GT-X DUO, GT-X Golden Zero) and RTX Family (RTX Explore, RTX Golden Zero, RTX UNO, and RTX DUO) TV Boxes that will blow your mind with their breathtaking features. One of the many features that our Android TV Boxes are equipped with is amazing Live Timeshift.

What Is TimeShift?

Live Timeshift allows you to pause the show and continue watching from the same place after returning.  You can become your entertainment boss by using the recording option and watching your favorite show according to your entertainment schedule. Moreover, GloriaForce’s Android Boxes have a highly efficient memory size so viewers don’t have to worry about the memory duration. It makes you feel like you’re having your broadcasting station as everything is entirely based on your choices and preferences. You can rewind the TV show and replay parts or scenes that you have missed. It means a complete package for enjoying each and every second of content as many times as you want. Most amazingly, it allows the users to rewind the boring ads so that there’s a fabulous flaw in content streaming.

Limitations Of Live TimeShifting

Live Timeshift has some kinds of limitations that one should be kept in mind while exploring the wonders of this innovation:

  • You can record the program of one channel- the one that you’re currently watching. It does not allow the viewers to record another program on a different channel. 
  • The switching from one channel to another channel cancels the recording of the previous channel.


GloriaForce and our team try their best to compile all the advanced features to facilitate you with a premium-level streaming experience. We care about our customer’s preferences and for this, our technical experts keep on introducing modern models of innovations from time to time. Now you don’t have to wait for advertisements to make a phone call or to make something delicious for yourself while watching an interesting program. With this stunning Live Timeshift feature, you can perform your important work during your program time.

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