Improved GloriaForce Bluetooth Remote Controll


GloriaForce Android TV Box Remote Control

With GloriaForce’s latest and most powerful Remote Control Units (RCU), you can become your entertainment boss. Thousands of Movies, Series along with Live channels in excellent viewing quality by simply pressing or scrolling the dedicated buttons of the infrared remote control. Enjoy breathtaking features without any complication by getting ultimate control on your Android TV Box Bluetooth Remote app with GloriaForce TV Box Remote.

RCU with Voice Feature:

Our preference is you! To prove it, we have innovated ourselves and come up with the exceptional Voice Navigation feature in our GloriaForce TV Box Remote. Just give a command and search for Apps. This wide-angle infrared remote control unit with an amazing backlit feature supports multiple languages so you can easily set up your language. The RCU has stunning visual details with large replaceable batteries having modern Bluetooth technology.

Simple RCU:

We are offering multiple choices to the customers and for this, there’s another GloriaForce TV Box Remote RCU with a backlit keypad without a voice feature too. Just scroll, point and click to discover tons of UHD channels. This one also has Bluetooth technology with large replaceable batteries. So, take a step toward the Android TV Box Remote app iOS to enjoy an immense spectrum of colors.

GloriaForce TV Box Adapter

As our main motive revolves around the delivery of perfection, you can get an Android TV Box adapter with the TV Box Accessories that are carefully designed with the highest quality materials and come with a suitable wire length, making the GloriaForce TV Box Adapter perfect for use with any wall outlet. It means no hassle in setting up the TV Box. The Android TV Box Adapter is also equipped with a range of safety features, making it ideal for use anywhere by anyone. Android TV Box Adapter has the proper current rating providing an input of 100-240V AC and 5V output. Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra for getting these incredible TV Box Accessories as they are offered with the TV Box. Lift your entertainment mood with our marvelous range of accessories like the GloriaForce TV Box adapter.

Android TV Box Accessories Remote, HDMI, and Adapter

Our preference is you! To prove it, we have innovated ourselves and come up with the exceptional Voice Navigation feature in our GloriaForce TV Box Remote.

GloriaForce TV Box Adapter

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Best Quality TV Box HDMI cable

In our latest range of TV Box Accessories, you are also going to get the benefit of the latest TV Box HDMI cable for connecting other devices including mobiles and laptops with your TV Boxes. Our TV Box HDMI cable with marvelous quality offers easy connectivity, saving your precious time. Not only this, you can enhance your audio experience as GloriaForce TV Box HDMI cable uniquely allows the speakers connectivity. Moreover, you can get their maximum benefit as GloriaForce TV Box HDMI cables are durable and flexible. Our boxes and their TV Box accessories are perfect for those who want the best of both worlds: ease of use and jaw-dropping visuals. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or playing the latest video game, you’ll be able to do so in stunning 4K resolution with the thrilling sound that transforms the whole surrounding.

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