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How to connect an iPhone to an Android TV Box?

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What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV Box allows you to watch hundreds of thousands of content according to your choice. It diminishes the concept of a fixed watching schedule that was set by the cable operators in the early times. The picture quality is also remarkable as you can experience ultimate clarity with 4k UHD resolution. Moreover, it is continuously shocking its users with the seamless addition of unique Apps. As a result, there is an immense increase in its demand. One more amazing thing about it is doubling the entertainment fun by providing thrilling sound i.e. a cinematic vibe all around. You can save your precious data as The connected iPhone offers sufficient internal storage and performs its functions smoothly with the support of efficient RAM.

You can view your mobile pictures on the big TV screen or can also watch movies if you have any on your mobile. Now the question arises do you have to transfer your data to watch it on your Android TV Box? No, you can easily connect an iPhone to it. But there's a limitation and you are going to face a problem if you are an iOS user. The Android side can be integrated with the TV Box as it has the Chromecast feature. You can cast your Android screen on it within a few seconds. Similarly, Apple has designed an App with the name AirPlay but it does not support screen casting. You can simply connect your iPhone to the TV Box. Just follow the below steps and you are set to go.

Steps to connect an iPhone:

Before proceeding with the topic further, let me clear to you that you will not be able to connect an iPhone or an Android until or unless you have a strong internet connection. Besides this, make sure your devices are near the router for a better connecting experience. 

Chromecast Supported Apps:

Step One:

You can easily connect an iPhone or can cast the screen if you are a user of Apps like Netflix and Google apps. Because these apps perfectly support Chromecast. After these apps, you don't have to make your TV compatible with AirPlay as they have a built-in Chromecast feature in them. For instance, if you have Google App then simply open the supported app and click on the support button. The button usually sits at the bottom right or top right corner of the app.

Step Two:

After the above step, tap on the option representing Android TV, and yeah there you are ready for unlimited enjoyment. Your iPhone will be connected to the Android TV Box in just a few seconds. The amazing thing about it is that it facilitates you with landscape mode as well as the amazing sound output for an incredible connect iPhone streaming experience.

Without Chromecast-Supported Apps

Step One:

If you are not using any Chromecast then you don’t have to worry. Because it’s not mandatory or a single way to connect an iPhone. You can cast your screen without Chromecast-supported apps. The best way and according to the recommendations of experts, you should need to install a third-party app.

The easiest and best app is to install ApowerMirror but do not forget that you have to download this app on both your iPhone and Android TV Box. This app makes your devices compatible with the iOS app (AirPlay).

Step Two:

Now click on the ApowerMirror and allow the necessary permissions that are required to run the app. After that opens, the Control Center is available on connect iPhone, and tap on the Screen casting option. Here you will find a list with the name of your Android TV Box and finally, you are all set to have your iPhone screen on the big screen. Whatever you will use on your mobile will be mirrored on your Android TV too. In the case of the small picture, you can zoom in as it supports zoom in and zoom out.

In the case of Lag:

If you face any kind of lag or frame drop then simply open the app Apower Mirror and go to Settings. In settings, you will find an option for resolution. Set the resolution to 720p.

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