GT-X Golden Zero

GloriaForce GT-X Golden Zero Android Box is uniquely as well as efficiently designed with all the powerful features including Android 11 and AppForce II that ensures the enjoyment of new generation technology. View your favorite content with incredible color display, better contrast, and gaming compatibility than ever before. Bring the cinema vibes home and experience the power of the Android major release (Android 11) with GT-X Golden Zero Android Box.

Attractive digital design

GT-X Golden Zero Android Box has smooth flat edges with minimalistic golden highlighted colors. Details are here for enhancing your interior look providing a touch of elegance that captures every eye within a few seconds. An Android box with highly amazing features of Android 11 and stunning design is a true definition of an Android Smart TV Box.


GloriaForce GT-X Golden Zero is different from all other Android TV Apps available on market and the reason is that it has all the intelligence of a German Engineers that converts the word perfection into reality, satisfying your Android 11 entertainment demands in the most efficient ways with the help of TV Streaming Apps latest AV1 Technology, reduces 20% internet consumption and content shuttering with the same percentage providing the finest picture ever.


Double the enjoyment with GloriaForce's high-quality accessories like Android TV Remote that fulfill your content craving in a perfect way when combined with GT-X Golden Zero's exceptional features.

Android Version

GT-X Golden Zero delivers the best viewing experience with the powerful TV Online Android Operating system of Android 11 that offers a wide range of handfuls and new features bringing your entertainment mood to the luxurious zone. A complete chapter of notable features including one-time app permission, amazing google assistant searchable Apps, Auto low latency mode for better visual in TV Online Android, efficient Gboard TV, and many more is now a part of GT-X Golden Zero for showing the new depth of details with Android TV Remote App.

GT-X Family

GloriaForce wants superbness in everything and for this our team of professionals show another wonder of their admirable skills by introducing the GT-X Family TV Box with all the latest features that one can imagine in the dream only. With a 4K resolution TV Box, your entertainment mood is going to join highly efficient RAM and sufficient internal storage that processes the instruction of GT-X DUO in a blink of an eye. Most amazingly, all the amazing extras including Android TV Remote App convert every streaming performance into a show-stopping performance.

Picture quality or Streaming

GT-X Family is a complete package of your demands having Android TV Box 4K UHD resolutions with thrilling sound quality that adds all colors of clarity to everything you watch. The latest major release of Android starting from Android Pie (Android 9.0) and Android 11 has been expertly introduced in Android TV 4K Streaming to heighten your immersion with its best features to make it more possible than ever to get your all attention in your favorite UHD Channels content.