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Internet Requirements for streaming. Everything you need to know Dual-band Wi-Fi, what is faster for you?

Nowadays, streaming has become a good and major source of entertainment for everyone. It is a kind of treat to freshen the tired mind. Blue collar watches interesting content on it including movies, series, or Live channels. It brings them away from the hectic day they spent in their workplace. Moreover, kids can watch cartoons or animated movies which probably expand their thinking power and they can learn various things from them. In short, people of all ages benefit from streaming. There’s no age barrier to making yourself entertained with it.  

For good streaming, the resolution power, and processor of a particular Android TV Box are very important. Sound quality with other features including RAM and internal storage also plays an important role in making your streaming better. But besides all these, one of the most paramount features is Internet speed. Because it allows the other features to perform their functions. Not all streaming sources require the same internet speed and hence support different internet speeds with suitable connections. For instance, Android Box’s multiple advances feature demands more speed with good internet. While on the other hand, streaming setups with common features require normal speed due to a few variables. 

In this article, we are going to discuss every important point which helps a streamer to clear all doubts regarding internet speed. We will first cover the essential points of internet speed. After that, we will dig into the conclusion of which one is faster and good for you.

Introduction to Internet Speed

There is a lot of effort that goes behind Live streaming to make it possible to watch. Not only internet connection but also various other modern technologies play their role to make it an investable thing. For carrying the numerous data, streaming protocols contribute their wonders from the streaming source to video players for viewers. If we talk about our main point i.e. Internet connection so steadiness and secure connection are necessary. With the availability of both factors, you can enjoy a good speed for good streaming.

Ethernet- Choice of Intelligence

According to our research and different reviews from the users, Ethernet is the best option for live streaming. It can benefit you from both reliability and stability. If you are not able to get your hands on Ethernet, then go for Wi-Fi. But don't forget that it is not as stable and reliable as Ethernet. If neither of these options is available for a user, then cellular data is the last and close option.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi- What is good for you?

Before discussing it, let me give you an introduction to Dual-Bank Wi-Fi. Because many people have the wrong concept about it. Dual-Band Wi-Fi is an advanced kind of broadband that is getting popular all over the world. Many suppliers are involved in its sale as it has a huge demand among the public. If you are in search of Wi-Fi frequency from 2.4GHz to 5.0GHz, then Dual-Band is a good option. It works by connecting the device to the frequency within 2.4GHz – 5.0 GHz (required by the user's needs). There’s an important point you have to keep in mind: 2.4GHz allows wireless transmission to provide internet on a large scale. But it affects the speed also. While on the other hand, 5GHz facilitates users with faster speed but in a small area.

How can I choose the best Frequency?

Before choosing the right band for your device, you have to consider a lot of factors that will eventually help you in making the right decision. If we talk about today's technical world, numerous devices or gadgets are currently using 2.4GHz wavelength. For instance, the most widely used home electronics i.e. microwave and baby monitors. Nowadays, these devices are found everywhere. Everyone has a specific place for them in their house. Not only these, but if you stare at different house devices, you can find several gadgets that are performing functions on 2.4GHz wavelength. So for devices like that 2.4GHz is best.