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Why Gloriaforce Android TV Box?

As our aim revolves around the creation of a valuable future with innovative technologies, we have received satisfied customer feedback in line with this goal. So, our impeccable team has decided to change the brand name “GloriaForce” which means “Power of Victory” in Latin perfectly reflects the exceptional intelligence behind our Android TV Boxes.

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Our History

With a seamless addition of more powerful features and revolutionary processors, we’re excited to unfold the whole universe of streaming possibilities with a new name from Optic STB to GloriaForce.
Milestone of GloriaForce we welcome you to explore the milestone of our global brand and the evolution of our logo over the different years.

Our Mission


GloriaForce work passionately devotes their expertise to introduce superior quality online multimedia 4k UHD streaming platforms.


Timely update in the GloriaForce Android Boxes so that the entertainment mood of our customers remains constant.


Leading player of Android TV boxes in Europe as well as across the globe.


We are providing 24/7 helpline for better customer service experience.


We believe on transparency as our goal is to make entire transparent process to customers.


Leading to an innovative society full of healthy digital lifestyle.

Our Vision

A new of Era of unbeatable Innovations

“To become a leading brand of Android boxes with the use of innovative technologies and intelligence by introducing efficient streaming platforms worldwide that enrich the customer’s lives leads to the creation of valuable future”

GloriaForce and our team of professionals join the market with the vision of enhancing the lifestyle of society with great values, advantages, and promises. We want to bring advancement as well as a high degree of innovation with the help of Receivers, which will lead to a successful future by proving us as the champion of Hi-tech in the business sectors globally.

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